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Made for A comfortable night's sleep in temperatures around 20°C when camping.
20°C. Warm weather special. Our most compact sleeping bag, that can be kept folded with its elastic. Guaranteed 5 years.
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WarmthComfort temperature 20°C / Limit temperature 15°C. 1 Season.
Sleeping comfortSize: Size 185 x 75 cm / 1/2 Zip
Easy transportWeight 550 g / Volume 3,5 L / Elastic strap
CompatibilityThis sleeping bag cannot be paired
Easy maintenanceEasy to machine wash, follow the care instructions
Warranty5 Years
Technical Information

Usage temperature:
We display the "comfort temperatures" on all our sleeping bags, tested by an independent laboratory (AITEX) in compliance with European standard EN 13537 from 11/04/2002. The "comfort temperature" is the lower comfort limit at which a user in relaxed position is in thermal balance and is not hot or cold (determined for an average woman and in normal conditions of use). Choose your sleeping bag depending on this criteria.
What is the comfort limit temperature?
Comfort temperature limit: limit temperature at which the user of the sleeping bag in curled position enjoys global thermal equilibrium and feels neither cold nor hot (determined for a standard man and under normal conditions of use).
However, what you need to know about temperatures:
A sleeping bag does not produce heat but retains the heat produced by the body. If you are tired and cold and you slip inside a cold, damp sleeping bag, you will most likely feel cold no matter how good your sleeping bag! These temperatures depend on a person's ability to withstand cold (build, fatigue, etc.), their equipment (insulating mattress, etc.), the way they are dressed (if they are naked, wearing underwear, etc.), and weather conditions (damp, wind, etc.).
A few tips before you slip into your sleeping bag:
Dress simply (1 layer of clothing is enough). Warm your extremities: hats, gloves, socks, heaters, friction... A flask of hot water can be used as a hot water bottle (if there is no risk of unintended opening!). Contract your muscles (70% of the energy you consume is transformed into heat) without making movements that could cause a draught.To avoid washing your sleeping bag too often, we advise you to use a sheet (ref: 8382711).
Inner and outer fabric: 100% cotton. Filling: 100% polyester wadding 60 g/sqm.
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Information / Concept / Technology
Padding : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES)

Product test
This foam mattress is covered by a 5-year guarantee, starting on the date of purchase as specified on the receipt. The product covered by the guarantee will be repaired or exchanged free of charge. The guarantee covers defects to your sleeping bag apart from those resulting from normal wear and tear and those resulting from abnormal conditions of use. This special 5-year guarantee will only be honoured upon presentation of the product and the receipt.
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