Wave Rigid 9'2 SUP (Stand Up Paddle) 500 - Yellow



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Made for experienced Stand Up Paddlers (SUP) in waves, suitable for users weighing 60 to 80 kg.
9'2 rigid Stand Up Paddle board for surfing. Epoxy construction for experienced and regular riders up to 80 kg.

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Ease of handlingShape suitable for SUP surfing in all conditions.
StabilityShape suitable for experienced users < 80 kg. Volume of the board: 133 litres
Easy transportErgonomic handle, weight: 9.8 kg
Grip2/3 EVA foam pad with "diamond" grooves
WarrantyAvailability of spare parts essential to the use of the product: 2 years
Technical Information

Technical dimensions
Length: 9'2 (279 cm) Width: 30" (76 cm) Thickness: 4" 2/3 (12 cm) Volume: 133 litres Weight: 9.8 kg
Adapt your leash to your level and to your conditions of use. In powerful waves, go for a straight leash with a diameter of 3 mm. Regularly check the condition of your leash before heading out. Never hold your board by the leash, it can wrap around your arm or hands and cause injuries. Do not hesitate to seek advice from instructors.
Rail protection
To better protect the rails from paddle impacts, you can install a "rail saver". This is a self-adhesive tape that will protect the paint.
Respect the basics of water safety > check your leash > consider wearing a helmet > look out for others in overcrowded spots > respect priorities on the waves > go in conditions adapted to your level, take the time to progress. > if you go to spots away from the shore, wear a 50N buoyancy vest
How to choose your surf SUP
Two criteria are important when choosing an SUP for use in the waves in order to find the best compromise between manoeuvrability and stability:> your weight: < 60 kg, 60 to 80 kg, >80 kg > your level: beginner, experienced, expertThe W500R 9'2 SUP is suitable for > an experienced user weighing 60 to 80 kg > a beginner user weighing less than 60 kg > an expert user weighing more than 80 kg
Dimensions279 x 76 x 12 cm

Weight9.8 kg

Information / Concept / Technology
Board : 50.0% Polystyrene (EPS) - Expanded, Board : 50.0% Glass - Fibre (FG)
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