Trail Running Gaiters




Trail Running Gaiters
Made for prevent sand, pebbles, sti cks, etc. from getting into your shoes.
No more pebbles in your shoes to ruin your run! The elastane component is flexible, lightweight and adaptable. Runners can forget they're wearing them!
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StabilitySupport strap under heel, support hook in front.
StretchElastic component for better adaptability.
Warranty2 Years
Sizeone size.

Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 55.0% Polyamide (PA), Main fabric : 45.0% Polyester (PES)


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design needs improvement
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
a good pair of trail running gaiters, except it did not fit optimally on my feet and shoes, and i would assume, on a lot of other people's as well if theyre the same as my build. 1) the undershoe straps need to be adjustable. 2) the ankle sleeve needs to be adjustable. 3) the heel fitting needs to accommodate for different sized shoes. best that could be done is to have different sizings for this kind of gaiters, so that customers can fit and buy the size that would work for them.
consequently, this pair works substandardly for me, since the sleeve falls off because it is loose, so debris can get inside from the top, which defeats the purpose of having gaiters. the heel rides up the back end of the shoe as well, albeit the rubbery material inside the gaiter heel that was intended to hold on to the shoe heel. finally, the strap is too loose, and the gaiters would ride up too high on the shoe for my preference.
i appreciate the design, except it is not the right size for me. shoe size: 9.5-10 US mens. otherwise it might fit well on you.
Poor fit, non-adjustable
Used for 1 week or less
I bought these in a bit of a hurry, in fairness, to wear over a pair of fell shoes in a long distance fell race. I was very disappointed. You can't adjust the understrap length so it was much too long for my purpose (and why they'd be designed for boots I don't know?) meaning the gaiter just kept riding up above the trail shoe. Also, the ankle cuff is non-adjustable, and it was too loose for my ankle, not helped by the fact that the gaiter is quite long, resulting in it sliding down. So - a non-adjustable gaiter that slides down and rides up.. pretty useless.
Very close to being good
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
It's such a shame that some mistakes were made in the design of these because they have good points too. So first the good: The material is very good quality as are the straps, clips and stitching. They feel like they will put up with a lot of abuse which is important in trail running kit. But now the bad- The top of the gaiter is too slack- even on my very thick calves. The elastic needed to be more elastic and tighter to keep out debris. At present they let gravel etc in at the top end. Very strangely, the line of sticky rubber stuff on the inner gaiter that I assume is to stop it slipping is at the shoe end- not the leg end so it actually seems to serve no purpose as they aren't going to slip at the trainer end! The strap to go under the shoe is extremely well made and tough, but unfortunately it isn't adjustable which seems a strange decision! With just a few tweaks these gaiters would be excellent and do a great job.
Kalenji trail running gaiters
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Good price and quick delivery. Wore these on a trail marathon which include a lot of beach running. They did the job well and kept almost all the sand out of my trainers. Would recommend.
Cost, speedy delivery and functionality.
Very Good Gaiter
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Really a good product at an affordable price. It protects me from thorns and pebbles getting into my shoes. I run comfortable with this without bothering of being injured or anything getting into my shoes while training on trail surface
Good price and easy to put on and take it off.
excellent with the right shoes
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Very affordable gaitors that fitted my salomon trails trainers perfectly. I am so glad to be running without pebbles and other things in my shoes! Runs are much more pleasant now :)
good price. easy to put on and attach to trainers
bottom strap could have thinner throughout
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