Tennis Ball TB720 - Yellow



Made for children aged 8 to 12 and novice adult players looking for a versatile tennis ball.
The intermediate tennis ball for tennis novices of all ages. Choose a ball to suit your skill level.


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SpeedBall acceleration and spin suitable for novice players.
BounceThe speed and bounce height are perfect for improving your game.
Abrasion resistanceHigh-quality components make this a durable pressureless ball.
Warranty2 Years

Weight49.7 g.

Diameter64 mm.


Information / Concept / Technology
Inner fabric : 100.0% Rubber - Natural Rubber (NR) - Latex Outer fabric : 70.0% Acrylic (PAN), Outer fabric : 15.0% Wool, Outer fabric : 15.0% Polyamide 6.6 (PA6.6)

Our club partners who loved the value for money of this ITF-approved ball.

Product test
Ball tested and approved by our certified club trainers at partner clubs.

Maintenance tips
Avoid major temperature fluctuations which have a strong impact on ball performance.


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Nice one
Very resistive
Perfect price and value
Used for More than 1 year
Before I found these balls I tried so many other brands and was thoroughly disappointed with them. But these are Tango Green Dot tennis balls have the consistency in the bounds that other brands do not put an emphasis on. I have bought dozens of these for myself and my friends children. Selling a basket that comes with
Response of the brand
Hi Perry,

Thank you for purchasing our Artengo TB 120 Tennis Ball and taking your time to review the product. We are delighted to note that you are very satisfied with it!
The consistent bounce height is achieved through the use of high-quality component material.  The ball acceleration and spin is suitable for older children and novice players looking for a versatile ball. 
We look forward to more reviews so that follow tennis enthusiasts could benefit from your experience!
Sharing my passion,
Sport Advisor
Tennis Ball
Used for 1 week or less
nice ball
good for starting
Used for 3 to 6 months
Poor quality product
Used for More than 2 years
This is the “Made in China” one and its quality is very poor. The fur is getting torn-out quickly and air gap formed between the fur & the rubber surface. Due to that the ball travel slowly.
Earlier I used to buy “Made in Taiwan” one which is super quality product. Unfortunately I heard that it was stopped by Decathalon.

If possible try to bring back the “Made in Taiwan” one
Response of the brand
Dear Kasinathan,

Thank you for taking the time to review TB120 Tennis ball . We deeply regret that TB120 Tennis ball did not meet your expectation . We would like to inform to inform you that TB120 is made for children aged 8 - 12 years and beginner Tennis players. The ball's bounce equals 75% of that of a normal ball which is perfect for learning . As you have described regarding the ball's fur getting torn out quickly , could you please send us a few pictures of the same as it will help us to check on quality and serve you better .

Waiting for your reply  

green dot tennis ball
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Its a pretty standard green ball for juniors to play and learn with, Its value of money, I bought it for only $1.
As a tennis coach, I would buy them again.
Response of the brand
Hi Vincent,

Thank you for taking time to review our Artengo green dot tennis ball, and we're glad that you like it! Just for your information, our green dot tennis ball has a 75% bounce compared to the standard adult tennis ball (TB160), which makes it easier for junior players to learn tennis! We also have some tennis coach equipment in our range - do check them out at!

Amalina, your friendly Tennis Sports Leader at CSM
Vincent found this answer helpful
Excellent products
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I Love decathlon products
Tennis balls
Used for 1 week or less
Too soft for practice play. Very low bounce even on hard court.
Response of the brand
Dear Shivaji,
We are extremely sorry that TB720 tennis ball didn''t meet your expectation.

We would like to inform you that TB720 balls are aimed at kids of 9 years and above , have a bounce height that is 75% of a classic ball which is ideal for kids training sessions.If you are looking for a tennis ball of even bounce i would suggest you have a look at our range of pressurized balls which would give you good bounce and durabilityPlease follow the link here:
If there is anything i could help you with please feel free to write back to us .
Gopal krishan
Used for 3 to 6 months
These balls are good for practice and my kids are loving it.
nice product
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
nice product

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