Go Fishing Fly set



Made for novice anglers fly fishing for salmon, predators and white fish in freshwater.
This multi-purpose set is designed for novice fly anglers acquiring the different fly fishing techniques (dry fly, wet fly, nymphing). The reel is sold ready to fish.


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DistanceThis rod can be used to cast flies to distances of about 30 m.
PowerThe WF5 tip fly line can be easily cast to explore the different swims.
PrecisionIts action allows you to drop the line precisely and discreetly.
SensitivityThis fine and lightweight rod will detect even the slightest bites.
Ergonomic gripThe cork handle provides a comfortable handhold throughout your fishing outing.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

-#4-5' carbon rod -3 sections -polyamide reel -WF5 tip fly line -8 compartment dry fly box
CAPERLAN TEAM engineers and designers developed and tested this kit in Cestas, Gironde region, France.
Our team of engineers tests the endurance of our reels by carrying out 500,000 crank turns to guarantee product reliability. The strength of the rod has been tested using rigs 50% heavier than the rated load. However, for optimal performance, it is important to use rigs suited to the rod's casting weight.
Length8 feet

No. of sections3

Fly line4 - 5
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 50.0% Carbon, Structure : 50.0% Glass - Fibre (FG)


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Good value for money
Used for 3 to 6 months
This set is excellent for those who want to start fly fishing, but do not want to spend much money.
If one only use the reel as a bobbin to store the line (as it is normally use and to reel the fish in by hand) then it should last a lifetime.
Fly rod
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Excellent first fly rod for my son.
Great fly starter kit
This was purchased while on sale however I did go with the intention of paying full price as this is very very well made and perfectly balanced kit made to last. The size being just below the standard 9' is perfect for rivers and odd reservoir. All in all a great piece a kit.
All you need to start and get into fly fishing
Fly selection is ok but not great
Wow, unbeatable value for a first fly rod
At this price, this set is impossible to beat as a beginners intro to fly fishing.
Nice action, light, easy to cast, value for money
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