Quick Release Links for 10-speed Chain x2



Made for replacing the link of a 10-speed chain.
10-speed quick release links for repairing your bike chain.


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CompatibilityFor all brands of 10-speed chain.
PrecisionPower Link system for connecting the chain without tools.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Tool-free attachment: - fit the two links together, - give the crank arm a sharp turn, - check that the links are correctly in place before use.
A quick-release tool is highly recommended to avoid damaging your chain. https://www.decathlon.fr/pince-attache-rapide-chaine-id_8352339.html
Information / Concept / Technology
quick-release link for 10-speed chain with power link system.

Maintenance tips
Degrease, clean and lubricate your freewheel regularly to prolong its life. Do not clean using high-pressure water jets.


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Good item
Used for 1 week or less
Works a treat, great for a quick repair on the road
Good Affordable QR Chain Links
Used for More than 1 year
I've used these links on my 10speed bike for the past two years now and have notice no loss in accuracy of my shimano 105 set up.
These links are actually manufactured by KMC so you can be assured of their quality and pedigree ☺
Excellent bit of kit.
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Bought these as a spare to put in my bag 'just incase'. I recently changed my chain and tried to use another well known brand to join the chain I could not close it properly then could not open it to start again and had to use a chain splitter to remove a link. Pulled one of these out my bag and used them successfully. Works well no problems since after approximately 400 miles of cycling.
Worked well easy to use.
Btwin 10 speed chain link
Used for 1 week or less
Used with Shimano Tiagra chain without issue
Twin pack plus fitted without need for tools
None yet
10 spd quick link
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Fitted to a Shimano SLX 10 spd chain. I have used the 9spd links on 9 speed chains and been able to open and close the links without tools; this was VERY tight and I had to use the special pliers to close the link. I carried a 9 spd link in my bike seat pack as an emergency fix, not sure it's worth it with this unless I find a way to fit without the pliers.
A lot more confidence in this than the Shimano pin though.
Branded as BTWIN but actually made by KMC a well known chain manufacturer.
less messing than a shimano pin
needed the special pliers to fit
Doesn't seem to work with Shimano 10sp MTB chains
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I've tried this with two different Shimano HG95 10 speed chains and in both cases I've been unable to fit the link, it's as if the link is slightly too narrow for the chain. In both cases, I've had to refit a different quick link from another manufacturer.
Looks shiney
Wouldn't fit
Response of the brand
Dear Sir,

I'm sorry to read that the master link is not compatible with your shimano chain.  The link is only compatible with SRAM chains.

Please accept my apologies for the confusion.  Please feel free to return it to store for a refund.  If you no longer have your receipt, it's not an issue.

I have changed the wording on the product name online to make it clearer and to avoid future confusion.


Peter Lazarus UK Market Manager DECATHLON
David found this answer helpful
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