Rhythmic Gymnastics Decorative Adhesive Glittery Ribbon - Silver



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Made for rhythmic gymnastics training and competitions
Customise your hoop or your clubs with a glitter effect thanks to this adhesive ribbon.
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Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

How to choose your rhythmic gymnastics equipment
Rhythmic gymnastics uses 5 pieces of equipment: ball, hoop, ribbon, clubs and rope. We offer 2 ranges for each type of equipment. The beginner range offers smaller, lighter equipment that is easier to learn on. This range is ideal for young gymnasts. The experienced range features slightly larger and heavier equipment that complies with official standards. It is suitable for gymnasts starting at age 12.
How to choose your rhythmic gymnastics outfit
Our design team's tip: the perfect training kit for gymnasts is a sleeveless leotard or top, and shorts or leggings so that they can move freely and with confidence. Leotards are optional for training but compulsory for competitions.
How to protect your adhesive ribbon
Our design team's tip: We recommend using the equipment you have decorated with this adhesive ribbon on a surface such as a gymnastics mat or multisports floor because hard surfaces such as wood and concrete will damage it.

Length10 m

Width20 mm
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