Weight Set 93KG - Barbell and 2 Dumbbell Handles Set Cast Iron



intensive bodybuilding with heavy weights at home.
The perfect kit to improve your performance with intensive exercises.

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Durability5-year product warranty.
VersatilityA wide range of interchangeable weight disc plates for intensive bodybuilding.
Warranty5 Years
Information / Concept / Technology
Chrome and cast iron.

Stockage tips
Do not store the dumbbells in a damp place or outdoors, to avoid corrosion.

Maintenance tips
Wipe any perspiration off with a dry cloth.


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Bought this and happy so far
As a beginner, this kit is fine for me and is working well. Weight retaining clips (spring clips for d-bells's and screw clips for b-bell) aren't very good but do the job ok I guess.
Have taken on-board previous comment about bars being bespoke size and agree. It's fine for me for quite a while and may purchased some additional weights soon to keep with the kit. Staff at Decathlon in Thurrock weren't very helpful though to be honest.
Good starter kit
weight clips are not that great
Be careful - these are 28mm
Although this is a good quality product you need to be careful. This is a 28mm bar and not a 25mm as is the normal UK standard. Therefore if you already have weight plates, or plan on buying them, they will not fit this bar. I cannot find 28mm weight plates anywhere else. If you are only using the set 'as is' then fine, no problem. If you want to mix and match with existing weights then make sure you buy a 25mm bar.
Solid, heavyweight bar. Good price
Standard weights won't fit
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