Bike Horn



Made for being heard when riding in a very noisy environment
Original horn, very effective warning bell!


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Audio efficiency85dB.Deep sound
CompatibilityFits all handlebars between 19 and 22.2mm.
Easy assembly / dismantlingAll you need is a screwdriver and an 8mm spanner.
DurabilityStainless steel body.
Warranty2 Years
AssemblyDiam: 22.2mm.



ColoursBlack and chrome.
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 100.0% Steel Handle : 100.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)


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Excellent product
Used for More than 1 year
It is loud and very useful for night cycling purposes
Worth it!
Used for 3 to 6 months
A definite recommend to anyone who wants to be heard loud enough on the road. It is easy to install on the bike. Can be used as a novelty item on your motorcycle or at home too. The horn is very loud and does make you stand apart. Build quality is sturdy and I use it extensively and it is still as good as new. For this cost, it is a definite buy hands down.
Good to use. Easy installation. Sound quality nice
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Price is very high.
Not durable and less effective
Used for 3 to 6 months
I thinl the bulb efficiency needs to be improved and more strong material has to be used
Response of the brand
Dear Dinesh,

Thank you for writing a review and highlighting the issue, we are sorry for your less than satisfactory experience with the product. We really appreciate you for helping us with the improvement points, we would share this with our team to improve the product in the future. 
Thank you 

other uses... not limits!
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I bought this, for my 82 year old mother, who suffered a stroke some nine months back and lost her ability to speak an use her right hand.
The horn, which she is so familiar with because it is truly retro, is he call bell... to call the attendant or me when she needs assistance.
she's not about to ride a bicycle any time soon, but this is her connection to the world outside her room... i love it :)
Used for 1 week or less
Go for it
Good One
Used for More than 1 year
Good Horn. I am using it on my cycle and it serves the purpose. Since you dont see this kind of horns in India nowadays, it attracts people. No problem , except the rubber became bit loose, are faced by me.
Response of the brand
Dear Gajendra, 
Thank you for sharing such an informative and helpful review, this will really help our users. We would share the feedback about the clamp getting loose issue with the right team so that we can improve quality in the future. We really appreciate you for taking out the time to share your experience with us. Happy Cycling 

Bike Horn
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
sound of this product is good, overall is good but the big reason behind 2 stars is its back rubber part which is very loose in fitting, it drop somewhere when my son was riding his bicycle and without that black rubber blower this horn is useless.
Response of the brand
Dear Mohan,
We are sorry for your less than satisfactory experience with the horn and thank you for highlighting the issue. The clip bolts, when tightened rigidly will secure the tube firmly with absolutely no movement. If the rubber seems loose its probably one odd product which you can get it exchanged. This review will really help us to feed the R&D team, to help them improve the product. For any further query, I am available. 
Good buy
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
My grandson 10 years old was thrilled to get it. He created lot of noise in the house. Later fitted on his bike and rode around the complex.
Response of the brand
Dear Sir,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, it's great to hear stories from the user. These reviews help us to rate and improve our products. We really appreciate you taking the time to review the product. 

Bike Horn
Used for 3 to 6 months
It was good. Perhaps that is the reason it was stolen from my child's bike
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