Rifle cleaning kit



cleaning the barrel of rifled-bore firearms.
Cleaning kit, ideal for maintaining your rifle.
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Breaking resistanceRod with 3 steel strands.
Easy maintenanceDeep cleaning thanks to the nylon, metal and wool brushes.
VersatilityKit supplied with 3 cleaning brushes.
Warranty2 Years
Bores:22 LR - 7 MM - 8 MM - 9 MM.
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 70.0% Steel, Structure : 20.0% Polypropylene (PP), Structure : 5.0% Wool, Structure : 5.0% Horsehair

Maintenance tips
Use in the following order: The metallic brush for scraping the residues attached to the sides. The hard nylon brush for removing the remaining residues from the barrel. The wool brush to apply oil.


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Budget Cleaning Kit
Used for 3 to 6 months
I purchased both the .22 kit and the 7mm kit along with additional brushes in 8mm and 9mm. The cleaning rods are obviously not as good as a one piece rod and are rather short for use with a bore guide. Also the kits are not supplied with a jag which in my opinion is an essential item.
The kits come in a plastic storage box and are a cheap solution for someone who rarely shoots and therefore rarely needs to clean his rifles, alternatively they make a very good travelling kit to be kept in the car or shooting bag.
Would I buy them again? Yes most definitely.
They would be better though if a jag was supplied with each kit.
Low cost and compact.
Useful for travel but not exactly comprehensive.
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