Paravane 300g trolling accessory



Made for sea trolling.
This paravane (water kite) allows the trolling line to work deep down and it comes up to the surface each time a fish is caught. Can be adjusted for trolling behind the boat or to the side.


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Visual efficiencyThe paravane rises to the surface whenever a fish is caught.
Swimming depthAt 2 knots dives to 25 m - 27 m, and at 3 knots dives to 27 m - 30 m.
VersatilityFor trolling behind the boat or to one side.
Warranty2 Years
Weight300 g
Information / Concept / Technology
Stockage tips
To prevent rusting, store accessories in a dry and ventilated place.


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Hundreds of Mackerel
Used for 3 to 6 months
After the paravane set up I had been using for 30 years snapped and disappeared to the bottom of the bay I decided to replace everything except for the spindle the line was stored on. I was able to source eveything I needed on Decathlon. The paravane being the hardest item to find online I was very happy to find them available and for a great price! Such a good, price I bought two! With brand new line, paravanes and spinners I managed to bring in 200+ mackerel from just two lines out the back of the boat in a day. Thanks Decathlon!
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