10kg Dumbbell Set Weight Training - With Carry Case



Made for bodybuilding with dumbbells
The perfect dumbbell kit to start bodybuilding with a wide range of exercises to work biceps, triceps, upper-arm muscles and pecs.


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DurabilityMaximum weight of 20 kg (bar and weight collars included), 5-year warranty.
VersatilityAdapts to follow your progress! Adjust them every 2 kg to follow your progress
Easy transportCardboard case to easily take your kit with you
Warranty5 Years
Weight:10 kg.


Forgiveness-3% to +5% on weights
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 80.0% Iron, Structure : 20.0% Steel

Product test
Do not use for pullovers or triceps with vertical lift over the head.

Stockage tips
To avoid corrosion, do not store bars and weights in a damp place or outdoors.

Maintenance tips
Wipe any perspiration off with a dry cloth.


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Not good
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
No safe
Response of the brand
Dear Arun,
                  Thankyou for sharing your valuable feedback on the kit 10kg and we apologize for the difficulty you have faced with regards to use of our product.

In order to understand well the fault - Request you to kindly share with me video/images of the difficulty being faced at joshua.harrison@decathlon.com

Sport Leader
Joshua Harrison
Best for Body
Easy to use. Very comfortable and safe.
Value for money
Used for 1 week or less
Good quality and easy to use and most important thing is you can switch weights
Good purschase
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Domyos dumbbells
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I Purchased the Domyos 10 kg kit at our new Decathlon store, this being our first visit we were impressed with the variety of gear for so many different activities. As we intend to keep up our fitness at home, I wanted some smaller weights but not too heavy, so I was particularly happy to find extra compatible weights on sale at a very low cost that fit onto my new kit. I purchased two additional .5kg cast iron weights at £0.98 each! Excellent value. As a beginner I have found this a good kit because the weights are not too heavy. I use my smaller.5kg weights to start with and that gives me a good workout, and the interchangeable aspect will allow me to increase the weight as I improve.
I find the push together clips that hold the weights on are quite tight to open, and they rattle a little when in use, but this doesn't affect the security of the weights on the bar.
My husband uses the kit and says they are comparable to ones in our local gym and will buy another set so to use simultaneously. All in all a good kit for a reasonable price tag.
Good product but clips are not good
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Overall the product is good. Handle bars and weights are of good material. However the clips are not good. It ya very difficult to set them and even then it is not a perfect fit. Weights will be a bit loose.
Response of the brand
Dear Sunny,
                       Thankyou for your valuable feedback on the 10kg kits and we apologize for the difficulty you have faced with the use of the clips included along with the kits. 

We have in range a new model of clips - https://www.decathlon.in/p/8380690_smart-weight-lock-weight-training-28mm.html#/180-235-_ which is convenient, Ultra sturdy. Effective and secure. 

Sport Leader
Buyer beware! Non-standard hole diameter
Used for 7 to 12 months
Before you buy, be aware that the diameter of the bar and holes of the weight plates are of a non-standard size of 3cm (1.18"), making the set unsuitable for future upgrades using other plates..
Response of the brand
Hi Chan, 

Thank you very much for your feedback. I will pass it to the Product Manager to work on this.

User Happiness Agent
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Excellent product well made excellent price
Fully boxed for easy storage
Spring too tight
Used for 1 week or less
I brought 2 pairs of these and although the weight are good the springs holding the plates in place are too tight and difficult tomget on and off which makes it hard to change plates quickly during my workout. it would be better if these were supplied with the smart weight clips.
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