LINE ME UP Golf ball marker



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Made for all golfers.
To stand out or for practice!

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Warranty2 Years
Technical Informations

Inesis design process:
All our products are "Liberate your Swing". The key feature our brand works on is to make our products let you feel unhindered when playing golf. Developed by the team, tested on the golf course, we further improve our range by using all the customer feedback you send us. Thanks to the chemistry of customer feedback / brand expertise we improve our products to give you greater freedom to play your game!
It's the details that make the difference
You'll no longer have the same unidentified ball thanks to the figures, which sets you apart from your playing partners. This tool is essential for putting training or lining up your ball towards your desired target. Indelible marker
Information / Concept / Technology
We depend on our golfers to rate and approve our products. We take the feedback and rating they provide on our products into account and act accordingly when their review is unsatisfactory. You can review the customer ratings given to the line me up below and why not take part in improving our products by giving us your feedback.