INESIS pick up ball tube




INESIS pick up ball tube
golfers wanting to pick up and carry golf balls when practising.
We've put an end to bending down to pick up balls

Warranty2 Years
Technical Informations

Inesis design process
All our products are "Liberate your Swing".The key feature our brand works on is to make our products so that you feel unhindered when playing golf.Developed by the team, tested on the golf course, we further improve our range by using all the customer feedback you send us. Thanks to the chemistry of customer feedback / brand expertise we improve our products to give you greater freedom to play your game!
It's the details that make the difference
The tube is sized to be stored in your golf bag, in the compartments where clubs are placed. The tube can hold up to 20 balls
Information / Concept / Technology
Polypropylene, polyamide.

We depend on our golfers to rate and approve our products. We take into account the feedback and rating given to our products and act accordingly when their review is unsatisfactory. You can review the customer ratings given to the ball retriever below and why not take part in improving our products by giving us your feedback.

Maintenance tips
Clean properly after each use to avoid build-up of debris and prevent moulding
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not durable
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
decathlon should get another product in this range
idea is good but it is not durable.
Response of the brand
Hello Mr Dhawal,

We really appreciate your feedback. I've sent an e-mail to your registered e-mail address. Please respond to it with the details of the issue faced by you with the product. 
Thank you for your time.

Varun Bagai E-sport Manager DECATHLON
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