Chrome Weightlifting Bar 0.38 m





Chrome Weightlifting Bar 0.38 m

Made for bodybuilding at home
Threaded bar, compatible with 28 mm discs 20 kg stand

Durability5-year product warranty.
Ease of use20 kg max. load
Warranty5 Years
Length0.38 m
Information / Concept / Technology

Stockage tips
To avoid corrosion, do not store in a damp place or outdoors.

Maintenance tips
Wipe any perspiration off with a dry cloth.


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Great bar for the price
Used for More than 2 years
I like this bar, first of all the price is good and also the price of the individual weight plates are pretty good. its perfect if you are looking to increase your weights as your strength improves. i recently bought several more weight plates to go along with the bars, unlike some other brands you don't feel as though you are out of a lot of money when you need extra weights. would recommend.
Price, quality and selection of weight plates
the diameter is a problem if you plan on using anything other than Domyos weights or if you plan on loading them with weights heavier than the Decatlon collars can handle as normal collars won't fit. The chrome plating gets worn off pretty quickly as well. If you don't plan on using this for heavy weight and already have Domyos weights then these are fine. If you haven't already got Domyos weights than I would recommend you look elsewhere. For heavy weights with Domyos plates get a threaded bar.
feel sturdy and solid
the non-standard diameter is a problem
Response of the brand
Hello Joe.

Apologies for the late reply and thanks a lot for your review. We much appreciated our costumer's feedback.

This is a recurrent problem we have and all our store teams are informed about that to explain it to all our customers.

As you say the Domyos bars and plates have a 28mm (1,1 in) and they are not suitable 100% for the 1 in weights or bars.

If you want to return the products we will be happy to see in our store and proceed to your refund.

Thank you!

Kind Regards.

Mario Medina
UK Market Manager - Decathlon
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